Chiang Dao

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Base Web Page

The Base Web Page is produced by our experiences travelling Thailand, and living in

Chiang Dao.

We also made reports as PDF-Versions you may download und read offline to save online-cost.

Galleries of pictures we took when travelling around and discovering the environment.

Resort - Report

Reports about Resorts

After our web page was taken in by a "thai-travel-service" as an „Information- Page on Chiang Dao“, we concluded a „Resort – Report“- web page to start.

--- in work ---

www.bantham info


My new website for information about the village Ban Tham.

A tourist spot with cave and mountain and some resorts.

At the moment just in the beginning.

--- online ---

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Coming soon

!!! This web page was translated with my little brain and I hope that it is intelligible...!!!