--- 24.12.2012 ---

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www.chiangdao.info is online again...

During long time sickness and admission in hospital, and at the end the death of Helmut, was no time to work at the website.

Helmut get´s a own site for memories now.

This is the next work which i will do.

Our domain was registered by an other provider during the hospitalisation, and it needed a lot work to got it back.

www.chiangdao.info is now online again.

I don´t have time to fix all errors now, conditioned by the serverchange.

The gallerys will stay offline temporary.

I wan´t update them by the way.

www.chiangdao.info expands with www.bantham.info


TUX is online again...

www.tuxprivat.de the pictured story about TUX is online again

after the moving to an other server the private website of TUX is back like a guest-website

becourse TUX is here in Thailand too...

--- but in german language only ---


now we have information as „mouseover-effect“ on the links of the first page.

that you know what follows on a click...


We have this "UPDATES“- field now...

For faster information what´s new on the site, we adjust this „UPDATES“- field here

so you don´t have to look all sites to know whats new