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0001_____Arrival Bangkok

0002_____Pattaya Jomtien

0003_____Anna Guesthouse

0004_____South Pattaya

0005_____Banana Resort

0006_____Koh Samet

0007_____Koh Samet Nightshots

0008_____Koh Samet Speedbootfahrt

0009_____Way back from Koh Samet



0012_____Krokodil and Tigerfarm

0013_____Nong Nooch

0014_____First train to Chiang Mai

0015_____Two Days in Chiang Mai

0016_____Way back from Chiang Mai

0017_____From Bangkok to Pattaya

0018_____Jomtien Beach Road

0019_____Jomtien Beach

0020_____Jomtien Beach Surf

0021_____Leu Kartom

0022_____Second Trip to Chiang Mai

0023_____Bow Chiang Mai House

0024_____Viang Bua Mansion


0026_____Chiang Mai December

0027_____Drive to Burma Myanmar

0028_____Chiang Rai Night Basar

0029_____Way back from Chiang Rai

0030_____Chiang Dao Nest

0031_____Lanna House

0032_____Chiang Dao

0033_____Baan Krating

0034_____Maiks Pictures of his Way to the Top of the Mauntain

0035_____Chiang Dao one Day Trip

0036_____Chiang Mai January

0037_____With Tding at the lake

0038_____Chiang Mai February

0039_____Chiang Dao February

0040_____Farm Stay

0041_____Burning Mountain

0042_____Doi Chiang Dao

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