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Over this web page

This web page is a product of our experiences on our trips in Thailand, and our subsequent living in Chiang Dao. It gives reports as PDF-versions that can downloaded and read "Offline", have photo-gallery of photos that we made on our trips and also of our environment.


"A 4 Month Journey"

A trip from the OCTOBER 04 to FEBRUARY 05. (Pattaya - Koh Samet - Chiang Mai)

"Live in Chiang Mai - Chiang Dao, for a Year..."

Our live in the north of Thailand. (March 05 - ???)

One has the choice, read illustrated reports or watch pictures gallerys.

Have a lot of Fun...


(You will known him also)

How to use the Links?

HTML Web page

The Web page is on the HTML- Link.

If you want read more about us and our experiences so click on the „HTML-Link-Picture“ in the Top of this „INDEX- Side“

PDF Reports

On the PDF-Link you get Reports as PDF-Files that you can save and read offline to protect onlinecosts.

The Webside will comes as PDF-Versions too in next time

IMAGE Gallerys

The IMAGE- Link contains Image- Gallerys with Photos from different places in Thailand.

!!! Click on the Picture to go on, to open a picture, and to close the picture !!!

Every Gallery opens in a new Window, you can close the window and have the Gallery-Index still open.

CD Order

In some future there will be Picture-CDs to order...

INFO About all

Information all kinds.

How to use this side, contactinformation, and some Information about Chiang Dao.

We deleted the guestbook for the reason of spam and hacking !!!

!!! This web page was translated with my little brain and I hope that it is intelligible...!!!